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Young Voices Newsletter – 16

April is often regarded as the time for natural new beginnings. After all, the evidence is quite literally in the air. The skies appear lighter, the days are longer. When you step outdoors to make your way into school and work, the day has dawned. Emerging from dark...

Earth Day

This poem was first published in April 2020, when Riyana was 10 years old The earth is round and pretty too,Even if it’s very blue.We all like to sing and play,So, let us help to save the day.The glaciers are melting,And soon we will too.So, let’s all go save the...

Make Your Own Easter Salt Dough Ornaments

This article was written by Ishaan when he was eight years old and was first published in April 2020. The recipe we followed was shared by Ishaan’s teacher. Since this was the first time we made these, we used only half the proportions. Here is what you need: ...

Advay’s Smiling Rainbow

This poem was written by Vantika, with Advay’s art work, in April 2020 Rainbows smiling on the windows,Children endlessly looking out at the meadows,Some see the empty streets,Some happily munch on sweets.These are positive signs filling up the windows inevery...





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Young Voices Newsletter – 15

Since the beginning of the pandemic and all that has followed, I believe I have quoted Fred Rogers a few times. Here I am, with my trusty Fred Rogers quotation once again: “When I was a boy and I...

Young Voices Newsletter – 14

Terri Guillemets once wrote that February is the border between winter and spring. This February, with its mild weather and constant showers, feels like that might just be true. In the past week...

Young Voices Newsletter – 13

Happy New Year! With the dawn of 2022, I wish you all new hope and good health. Gone are the days that we say things like ‘new year, new me’! These days we know better of course, we learn that each...

Young Voices Newsletter – 12

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, isn't it? Toys in every store? Check. Michael Buble burbling away on Spotify? Check. Grittibanz? Also, check. And, as a special treat from us to you, we...
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