Shivee Balajee shares her review of the book ‘Around the world in 50 ways’

This Christmas holiday, I went on a world tour! Through the book – Around The World in 50 Ways.

Travel around the world

The book starts and ends in London. There are many ways you can travel in this book and explore distant places like Los Angeles or Brussels or Athens or Mumbai and many more! For example, if you are in Los Angeles, you can read all about the city and then go to a new place. You can catch a plane that is, go to page 80 and if you want to drive then you go to page 92. You move through the book in trains, planes, cars, bicycles and also boats. Your final destination needs to be London. And you can do that in 50 different ways.
Also, you are not travelling alone. You travel throughout the book with your buddy Zak Zak.

Wrong route!

If you take the wrong route, you will reach a dead end! Then, you need to go back to the first page – London – and start your journey again.

Fun facts that I learnt

I learnt about Tokyo’s ‘pushers’, ziplining in Alaska and Mexican wrestling, hot air balloon rides in the North Pole and also simply about going on a bike ride.

My favorite city from the book: Nairobi, because I read about lots of animals like giraffes, elephants, hippos and zebras. They reminded me of the movie Madagascar.

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