Itee Balajee reviews her holiday read J.K Rowling’s new release ‘The Christmas pig’

During my Christmas holidays, I read my first book on my new Kindle – ‘The Christmas pig’ and I loved the story!

The story

It is about a boy named Jack and his toy Dur pig. One day Dur pig (DP short for Dur pig) gets lost. His grandpa gets him a new one. It’s called the Christmas pig (CP short for Christmas Pig). Jack and CP are on a mission to find DP. They have to be careful not to be eaten by the loser- he is bad, he is mean and eats everybody who breaks the law.

What I Liked

Jack and CP were helped by a poem, a compass and happiness and hope.
It was fun to read a book full of adventures. I give the book 5 pigs, I mean stars!!!

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