By, Avik Shrivastav

All right!

Here we go… Last ball, six runs needed!

Shrivastav facing Sheikh!

Oh! He struck it well, but did he strike it well enough?


“Zurich Cricket Club won the Romande Cup in style. “

This is how I like my cricket, joyous, fun,and eventful. I play for Zurich Cricket Club, better known as ZCCC. Here in Switzerland, there are four clubs that train players of all ages. Zurich, Basel, Cossonay, and Geneva.
We have many tournaments all year round such as the Leman Cup, Romande Cup, Geneva Indoor, Basel Indoor, Zuoz, and Summer Cup.

For the Under-9s, the main teams are Geneva, Basel, and Zurich, for the Under-11s, it’s the same club. For the Under-13, it is Cossonay, Geneva, Basel, and Zurich. In Under-15, Zurich and Basel are the main teams. Apparently, there is no U-17 team, but they are thinking about it.

Then there are many teams of Senior Players. In fact, there are over 30 senior teams in Switzerland, Zurich Nomads, and Zurich Lions to name a few.

If you ask me what is the club like? It is quite interesting; it is highly unlikely that players of a club study in the same school. They come from all parts of the region, city, countryside, and from different nationalities. We have players from Australia, England, India, Pakistan, and Switzerland.

What I like about cricket is, it gives me a chance to express myself, through sports, through my batting and bowling. Your game reflects what kind of person you are, the kind of mindset you have.

One of the important skills you develop in cricket is team collaboration. If you give 100%, but your teammates give 5%, you are not going to get ahead. You need to play as a team, have trust in your partner and make the right call to stay in the game.

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