By, Ishaan Parameshwar

Suddenly, they heard something soaring in the sky. Sabelynx Flame recognized who it was. It was his friend, Lycheeraptorex.

Lycheeraptorex is the second strongest monster in that dimension, which meant that Sabelynx Flame was only a bit stronger. Lycheeraptorex derives his name from its power. And that was to shoot spiky lychee peels on its opponents. If it hit bullseye, it was almost impossible to win against it unless its opponent was Sabelynx Flame or Crocozomb. Crocozomb is a deadly crocodile zombie and it is also one of Lycheeraptorex‘s enemies

Anyways, enough talking about other things.

Let’s get back to Lycheeraptorex. It has got large feet, at least 10 times that of a Pterodactyl. It’s also has spiky armor and shield slicing claws. If one made it really angry, it was very tough for even a very experienced herd of Crocozombs to defeat. It doesn’t have a particular home and likes to travel constantly.

Lycheeraptorex and Sabelynx Flame had been friends for a long time. Lycheeraptorex wanted to know if Grimcodile was a good trainer. When Sabelynx flame answered “yes” Lycheeraptorex also wanted to be Grimcodile’s monster. So Grimcodile threw the monster ball at Lycheeraptorex (in case you don’t remember what a monster ball is, re-read the last chapter) and it turned green. Now, Grimcodile has some really strong monsters to fight for him.

Lycheeraptorex heard a sound from far away…

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Lycheeraptorex can hear sounds that are miles away.

Then, the sound soon got louder. Grimcodile and his friends realized what the sound was. It was the Orc Count with his army. Grimcodile and his team were ready to take on this challenge. Sabelynx Flame used a firebolt and it knocked out quite a bit of the Orc army. Then, Lycheeraptorex used his spike fist on the orc count’s face.

Suddenly, somebody who looked just like the Orc Count appeared. Reappeared.

And to find out if it is who we think it is, just wait for the next chapter…

To be continued…

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