By Adrita Sanyal

Me and my family went to Sicily in July 2021.It is the largest island in Italy. We visited so many places in Sicily. I love Mount Etna which is an active volcano. Me and my father hiked almost 2200 Ft of Mount Etna. This was a unique experience for me. The other places we visited were Isolabela and Tourmina.

We also went to nice beaches in Catania. We took a boat trip and saw dolphins in the middle of the sea. That was so exciting for me. My little sister was a bit nervous though.

The main food of Italy is pizzas and pasta. We ate loads of different kinds of pizzas and pasta.

We stayed there for 8 days and I met our very generous tour guide and our chauffeur, Mr Enzo, who guided us for the whole trip.

I loved my trip very much.

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