By Avik Shrivastav

Saturday 27th November

The smell of Christmas cookies all around, the sound of Christmas carols buzzing, countless Christmas trees lit up in people’s homes, countless smiles printed on people’s faces. Christmas is nearing and as we go out on the streets, we can feel the presence of the Christmas spirit more than ever. In Zurich, there are many ways of celebrating your Christmassy evenings, let’s take a look at some of them.

Singing Christmas Tree



One of the ways to spend your evening is at the singing Christmas tree in Werdmühlepl. Many schools send their pupils to sing at this venue and you can listen to carols in German, English, French, even Spanish. You can also treat yourself to some raclette, or sausages whilst listening to the Christmas carols. When I went there, I immediately saw the big Christmas tree with kids in it. I loved the songs that they sang and also loved the raclette as I tried it for the first time. There are many stalls with many different kinds of food, it’s like a 5-star restaurant on the streets of Zurich.

Christkindli Christmas market


Another place to spend your Christmas is at the Christkindli Christmas market in Zurich HB from 25th November to 24th December. Here you will get all kinds of foods such as Churros, Momo’s, noodles, crepes, apple punch to name a few. Here, you will also find many useful things on offer such as crockery, stones, hats, gloves, candles and many different types of cheese. You better come early because there is bound to be a huge crowd.
The first thing that I felt when I came here was that the place was very crowded, it was full of people wanting to buy absolutely everything. I felt really crammed but being in the Christmas market helped me feel warm in the cold. There was lots of amazing food there such as churros and chicken bites.



Another place you might want to spend your day is the Illuminarium. It has light shows every day from 11th November to 30th December except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This place is also bound to be crowded. Here I felt really fascinated that with technology, amazing things can happen. Every single cubic centimeter was filled with light. It was so inspiring to see all the lights coming together to form unimaginable things.



The Märlitram is a great place for kids, in this red tram there are 2 fairies on board. These fairies read kids Christmas stories, hand them cookies and do lots of other fun stuff, all this happens while Santa is driving the tram around HB. When I went on the Märlitram, I was fascinated with automobiles so I kept looking around the tram. The fairies also took great care, they kept entertaining us nonstop for 20 mins. I really wanted to drive the tram as well and had to control the urge to do so (it was really difficult).

These are just some of the ways to spend your days leading up to Christmas, filled with many splendid things. As Christmas nears, we shall cheer.

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