By Adrita Sanyal

We celebrate Ma Durga coming to earth with with her family. She stays with us for only for four days. On the first day, we decorated the whole hall. This is so much fun as from that day our Puja starts. On the second day, we saw Ma Durga’s face.

We enjoyed these four days a lot. There was no schools, no homework, no extracurricular activities. We met with loads of friends and played for the whole day. We ate delicious food for our lunch and dinner, like luchi, khichudi and labra. We had a beautiful time.

These four days every evening there were loads of cultural programmes on stage as well as digital programmes. My friends and I performed a dance on stage.

I performed Kathak dance digitally and my little sister performed one Bengali rhyme.

My mom and dad, along with other uncles and aunties also performed very nicely.

All my other friends also took part in various performances and I loved them all.

On the last day of Puja we played Sindoor khela. My mom and her friends played like Holi but the only difference was that this was with a red color. My friends and I also played that.

After that we needed to clean the whole hall because it was time for Ma Durga to go home.

I wish Puja could last longer so that we could have even more fun.

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