Samanvay Ray, 8 years, Wettingen Aargau

Just like last year, we could not go to India in the summer. That’s why we planned a 10 days road trip to Italy and France. Thank god my parents are fully vaccinated`! We packed our bags and started our road trip to Florence, Italy.

Florence is a beautiful city, its beauty is beyond my imagination. We saw the Duomo. I was awestruck by its beauty. Then we saw the ‘Ufizzi Gallery’. That big museum was full of famous statues and beautiful paintings. We went to ‘Galerie Akademi’ to see the famous statue of ‘David’ made by Michael Angelo. It’s a masterpiece, so big and huge that we felt just like lilliputs before the statue.

After spending 2 wonderful days in Florence, we went to Corsica in France. The journey was very adventurous but pleasant. We took a ferry from Piombino. I love sea-life. Spending 3 hours on the ferry we reached Bastia, Corsica at 11:00 pm. From there my father drove to Ajaccio, the capital city. He drove through the whole island, east to west, and we reached our hotel at 2:00 am. The road was totally dark and hilly; it was a bit scary but I loved the journey.

The next day, we visited a beach named ‘Argent Beach’. My sister and I played on the beach the whole day with sand and sea water. Then, on the next day we went to Bonifacio. I was so excited to see that cliff city because I saw my favorite Bollywood actor Ranveer Kapoor dancing with Deepika Padukone there on the cliff. There, we took a boat trip around the cliffs on the Mediterranean. The view was spectacular. Next two days we also visited a few famous Corsican beaches.

After spending leisure time in Corsica, we headed back to Italy via ferry but this time not Piombino, but rather to Livorno. This time we had more fun on the ferry. We played video games. It was really exciting. From Livorno we drove to Pisa. It was only 21 mins drive. There we took rest in a hotel next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Next day, which was the last day of our tour, we saw the magnificent square in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Before I was born, my parents went to Pisa and brought a leaning tower of Pisa as a souvenir. Although that souvenir is quite big but when I saw the actual one, I realised that it was much bigger than in was in my imagination. We clicked many funny photographs there.

From Pisa, we drove back to Switzerland. The whole tour was very good. After a long time, we enjoyed the sun, the sea and the beach along with the city tours.

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