By Hasini Natarajan, 10 years old, Geneva

In the summer vacation, I spent most of the time in nature and being sporty. Some of the places I visited this summer were Cannes, Nice, St-Tropez, Zurich, and Schaffhausen.

In Cannes, the beach water was salty and fresh. The beach was sandy and without pebbles and was relaxing for our feet. The temperature was 35 degrees and the sun was very warm. From Cannes, I went to Sainte-Marguerite Island, the largest island in the Lérins island, on a ferry. I visited a museum where I discovered the cells inside the prison including that of the “Iron Mask”. The museum also had the displays of vessels / “Citerns” used for the transportation of food around the 17th century.

In Nice, there were pebbles on the beaches. The Bellanda tower overlooking the Promenade d’anglais had stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. In St. Tropez, I saw the sunset which turned orange & red and was bright and glowing. In Zurich, I visited the FIFA museum which had many designed trophy cups used over the years, the winners by each year and the footballs which were used in the World Cup matches.

In Schaffhausen, I saw the majestic Rhein falls. Near the falls, there is an adventure park for adults and kids. It has many adventurous parcourses in the forest and I enjoyed my time doing the Zipline and the several other difficult activities on the trees while enjoying the view of the river.

Overall, I enjoyed my summer holidays and look forward to my next school year.

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