By Hasini Natarajan, 10 years old, Geneva

In this article, I will tell you a story about the twin sons of Rama and Sita, Luv and Kush. I thought this was an interesting story from the epic mythological poem, Ramayana.

The story comes just after the Ramayana when Rama becomes the king. The main characters of this story are Rama, Sita, Luv, Kush, and Sage Valmiki.

The story started when Rama and Sita were sitting on their thrones and discussing courtly matters in the palace. A villager came and told Rama that he couldn’t tell him his problem because Sita was there.

When Sita left, the villager said that he overheard a launderer saying to his wife “I am not like Rama who accepts a wife that has been in another’s house” When the villager left, Rama asked his brother Lakshmana to take Sita to the jungle.

Sita roamed in the jungle for a while until she saw a snake. To escape it, she climbed a tree and there she saw a Sage and exclaimed “Sage Valmiki!” in a surprised voice.

Sage Valmiki told Sita that the snake was his and that she could stay in his hut. Some days later, Sita learned that she was pregnant and soon after, she gave birth to twins. She named the twins, Luv and Kush. When they grew older, Luv and Kush learned the Vedas, Puranas and archery from Sage Valmiki. He also told them about the Ramayana.

After some time went by, Rama – who was still living in the palace – was preparing for the Ashvamedha yagna where a special horse was let loose. It wandered into the forest, close to where Luv and Kush were playing.

When Luv and Kush saw the horse, they said to each other “Let’s go and capture the horse” and they tied it up to a tree. A soldier told them to give the horse to him but they said, “Don’t beg, instead, fight”.

Luv and Kush fought against the army and won. Rama sent one of his brothers and even more soldiers.

But Luv and Kush left the brother unconscious and defeated the army. This continued for a long time and at the end, Rama came and asked the boys “Who are your parents?”

The boys replied, “We don’t know our dad, but our mother is Sita”. When he heard this, Rama fell unconscious. Then, the twins took the jewels that they found on him and gave them to their mom. Their mom asked, “Did you kill him?”

They went there together to see him but Rama had opened his eyes. That was when the twins understood that their mother was none other than Sita from Valmiki’s stories about the Ramayana.

The sage told Rama to take back Sita to the palace. But Rama refused. . At that moment, Sita said “Mother Earth, if I am pure, gather me into your lap”.

Mother Earth emerged from the ground and took Sita back underground with her.

In the end, Luv and Kush cried, along with Rama.

I really like stories from mythology. I hope you liked this story too.

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