By Ishaan Parameshwar, 9 years old, Zurich

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the journey

Once upon a time, there was a creature called Grimcodile. Yes, a creature is what we will call him. That’s the best name for him. You’ll see. Now, another thing about Grimcodile… He had a pet named Crosser, who was a green panther.

Grimcodile had three main strengths – fighting skills, magic and speed.  He was also very smart. Even though he was so powerful, he looked very odd. His right arm was the arm of an alligator, his left arm was that of a tiger’s, his right leg looked like it belonged to a dragon and his left leg was that of an elephant’s with a foot that looked like it belonged to a squid. And his body? Well his body was made of armour.  Despite his odd appearance, Grimcodile was good natured.

One day, when he was practicing his magic in a cave, several rocks fell down and he was trapped there along with his pet panther. He couldn’t even use his magic to get out. Suddenly, a portal appeared in front of him. Grimcodile had no choice. He took Crosser with him and they entered the portal.

Grimcodile and Crosser landed in the skeleton dimension. There, Grimcodile met his good friend, the Dragon Master.

Dragon Master said, “This place is very dangerous. We need to get out of here immediately!”

“I know! But how? My magic doesn’t even work in this dimension. We’re doomed!” Grimcodile said.

“Then we have to find a way. It’s our only chance,”Dragon Master replied.  Grimcodile nodded. They took Crosser and started their journey.


Chapter 2: Gorilla Godzilla.

First, they reached the Forest of Doom.  No sooner did they enter, one of the deadly creatures of the forest appeared. It was Gorilla Godzilla.

Grimcodile told Dragon Master, “Gorilla Godzilla is a destructive and ghostlike creature. If it gets angry, then it can turn very destructive and cause serious damage. If only my magic would work here…”
That’s when Dragon Master had an idea, “We will brew a magic potion. It will make Gorilla Godzilla run away as he would hate the smell. In the meanwhile, can you spray squid ink on Gorilla Godzilla with your left foot?”
Grimcodile did as he was asked and to his surprise, Gorilla Godzilla fell asleep. Crosser was told to check on Gorilla Godzilla.

Grimcodile and Dragon Master collected the ingredients needed to brew the magic potion. These were:

50 grams thunder leaf
5830 grams destruction soil
530 milliliters elemental juice
10 kilograms slime stone
450 milliliters rocket jellyfish juice

They started to brew the magic potion. It turned very hot and bubbly, very quickly. Gorilla Godzilla was slowly starting to wake up. “If each one of us drinks 30 milliliters of the magic potion then we can become even more powerful”,  Dragon Master said.
Grimcodile, Dragon Master and Crosser drank the potion. The smell of the brew had spread all around The Forest of Doom by then. However, it didn’t make Gorilla Godzilla, who was fully awake then, run away.

But then, Dragon Master figured out what was going on. “We’re in big trouble”, he said. “This is Alpha Gorilla Godzilla. It is the strongest creature in this forest and lots of people and monsters are troubled by it”.
Alpha Gorilla Godzilla started to wreck things around him. It started to attack Grimcodile, Dragon Master and Crosser. It used its slashing tumble weapon but Crosser managed to use green magic to block the weapon.
“Alpha Gorilla Godzilla has a weak spot. It is the greenish spot on its head,”Grimcodile said.

Crosser used magic madness on his weak spot but it dodged him. It was about to attack them again, when Grimcodile had an idea. He kicked Alpha Gorilla Godzilla so that it fell right next to Dragon Master, who used his magic as it still worked in the Forest of Doom. The magic spell made Alpha Gorilla Godzilla stand still. Crosser then used a striking blast on its weak spot. Alpha Gorilla Godzilla was knocked out. They all cheered as they sneaked past the tyrant Monster.

But then, they saw something else.

To be continued…

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