Shivee Balajee, 8 years old, Baden

I enjoy reading Roald Dahl books a lot! Here is a quiz I created after reading ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. And also just for fun I tried to draw a fantastic Mr. Fox and one of his little fox kids.

1. What are the names of the three farmers?
a) Boggis Bunce and Bean
b) Joe, John and Jean
c) Will, Windy and Walltson

2. What does fantastic Mr. Fox steal?
a) Doughnuts Cakes and syrup
b) Money, gold and Treasure
c) Chickens, ducks, goose and turkey and apple cider

3. What do the farmers shoot?
a) Mr. Fox’s hand
b) Mr. Fox’s suit
c) Mr. Fox’s tail

4. What did Mrs. Fox say when she heard the rumbling noise ?
a) The farmers are coming!
b) They are going to kill my children!
c) I don’t want to die!

5. Who did they meet at the beans secret cider celler ?
a) A rabbit
b) A snake
c) A rat

6. Where did farmers live ?
a) In the woods
b) On a valley
c) In the Mountains

7. How did Mr. Fox escape?
a) By running
b) By Jumping
c) By digging

8. What made the rumbling sound?
a) Tractor
b) A car
c) A bomb

9. Where did Mr. Fox live
a) On the valley
b) In a tree
c) Above the valley in a hole under a tree

10.At the end what are the three farmers still doing?
a) Digging
b) Drinking apple cider
c) Waiting

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